Hi there! I'm Patty Delgado, a designer and artist from Los Angeles CA.

When I'm not designing websites and apps, curating mood boards, or developing logos, I'm traveling, grubbing, and creating (I can't stop). I enjoy documenting my travels and experiences via word, photo, and video. Check out my blog! 


My work often explores the intersection of content and experience through design. Across a range of media, I bring layered research, thoughtful ideas, and an elegant eye to my projects. I wholeheartedly
believe that good design starts with strong relationships. 

More specifically, my work is mainly centered around beauty, fashion
and lifestyle brands. I typically work in brand development, art
direction, UI/UX, ecommerce, and other facets of digital design. 

I freelance with small businesses as well as large companies including
Hallmark, CARD.com and T3 Micro. I've been contracted by these
wonderful brands to design cutting-edge websites, consult on their
ecommerce sites, revamp their branding, create a variety of digital assets
(email newsletters, website and social media graphics), as well as obsess
over details and typography! 

I'm a multidisciplinary designer, I live for design, and enjoy working in its
diverse settings, no task is too big or too small. Bring it!



Hallmark, CARD.com, T3 Micro, Yanvalou Designs, Skin Dimensions, PawPack,
Lead the Followers Clothing, Baske California, Le Box Blanc, Todo Verde,
Shay Nielsen Casting, ReCharge Apps, Find What Feels Good


Ready to work with me?